Tuesday 11 January 2022

These MANY Months of....

behind our cameras,
with the perfect angles/filters/lighting
behind our "stories",
behind our social,
behind our jobs,

with games,
with scrolling,
with busy work
with our favorite addictions,

Will required a reassimilation of

by unplugging
by strategically scheduling adventures
by playing & laughing
by relearning to be social
by spending time with loved ones
by "actually" taking care of body and mind.

I'm looking forward to showing up real and unapologetically awkward ... I'll probably continue my innate habit of being an oversharerer as well. 🤣

Cheers to our reassimilation into the real world friends. 🥰 I'm so looking forward to seeing each and every one of you for a real coffee visit! ☕

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