Friday 15 January 2016

Chronic Pain steals moments #30dayswithdi

Today i went to the Chiropractor.  I typically make it in to the office about once every 6 months. I seem to only go when the pain in my lower back gets to be so bad that i can't sleep, sit properly or even sometimes think straight.  My achiness is from an old back injury I received while riding about 12 years ago.  During my fall off my horse I damaged 3 vertebrae,  9 ribs, and did some pretty amazing soft tissue damage to muscles and tendons primarily on my right side.  Old news... but is it?

Chronic pain is sneaky... it starts slow, and builds.  As it builds you "make do" by stretching, hot pads and Tylenol to get some sleep.  When that doesn't work any longer you add in massage and more pain pills and then finally.... you make an appointment for the chiropractor.  You walk in gimpy and walk out feeling 95% percent better.  WHY DO WE WAIT SO LONG???

Why do we tolerate pain in our lives?  Who are we trying to prove something too?  Do what you need to do, to get to the bottom of it.  For some of the pain in this life (emotional, spiritual, mental) there is no "easy fix". However, often what is going on physically in our bodies can be worked towards a bit more balance and hopefully find some relief and sometimes a solution.

Chronic pain is something that steals.  It steals slowly, you don't realize what it's done until you look back and take a good hard look at it.  Subconsciously it makes decisions for you, and you don't even realize what's happened.

It steals moments...

  • when my little boy jumps on my back playfully, instead of pinning him down and tickling him, I wince and give him shit for being full of energy. 
  • not having the energy to fill my own cup with the things that I love to do.
  • avoidance of situations where I know I will run out of energy before everyone else (I don't want to be the kill-joy on the ski hill, park, hike, ride).
  • saying No to my daughter when she asks me to bake with her, because standing on the tile in the kitchen in the afternoon after sitting in the office for too long is going to hurt.
  • not taking the dog for a walk in the sun because he's going to want to go further than I want to go.  If  I'm going to disappoint him, I may as well not even leave the house.
  • snapping at my partner without thinking because he asked me a question that made me use a different part of my brain that pulled me from the mindless numbing task I was on and now I hurt.
I am now and have been for several years very active with my self care.  I exercise, eat healthy, meditate, regularly schedule massages and I do the best that I can to stay on top of health issues as they arise.  I know I am so very blessed.  My issues on the scale of life challenges are minuscule compared to so many of my dear friends, colleagues and what others struggle with on a daily basis. I am also very grateful that my career has allowed me the freedom of choice and flexibility. 

My point is only this, please be aware of what your quiet chronic pain is quietly stealing from you.


Tuesday 5 January 2016

Vacation after a Vacation - Day 2

I had a full plate of things to do yesterday, and then had the chance to stop it all and go visit a dear friend in Town for a couple of hours. Catching up, and entertaining each other as only we can, we had a great time. She fills my cup and I am grateful to her for that.  We don't always take the time we need to stop and go play as adults... but we need to.  Even after a holiday, and especially after the Christmas holidays, we need a vacay after our vacay.

Today was a blissfully full day, I dropped kids off at school, coffee with my parents, went to my Personal Trainer to get my butt whipped into shape, Business calls, paperwork, booking calls, and now I'm avoiding the kitchen hiding in the office while hoping my daughter starts dinner. ;-)

Exercising in a way that works for you is key.  I know me, and I know I need to have someone hold me accountable every single time or it just doesn't happen.  Most people find their "sport" or passion in exercise... I loved riding, but after an accident 12 years ago, i'm pretty selective on when, what horse and where i go riding. So going to Chilliwack 2 or 3 times a week works for me, especially now that both kids are in school, and i can schedule my work appointments around my gym schedule.

How do you incorporate exercise into your life???