Tuesday 10 July 2012

Life without Coffee

I have just in the last month and a half let go of not only coffee but essentially all caffeine.  It's interesting to see the difference in my energy, my eating habits, my work habits, and mostly my clarity.  I'll share with you a few of my findings...

My Energy: Has been great, mostly because as a rule, i've been going to bed closer to 10 than 1am.  Also, I've not found that I've been crashing like I was in the early afternoon.

My Eating Habits: I'm an emotional eater, so when i'm vibrating on the caffeine, it's often snack time, and then when I come down it's the same.  So I've cut out a significant amount of "blind eating" out of my day.  And I've also found myself making better food choices when I do eat. 

My Work Habits: Mornings are starting a little later (partially because kids are home for the summer), but everything seems to be getting done. 

My Clarity:  The days seem longer and sweeter.  There seems to be time for everything, and if there isn't.. there is always tomorrow.  Significantly more ZEN in my world for sure.  Now my next focus is improving the quality of the nutrition in our household.  Stay tuned. :-)   xo di