Monday, 10 March 2014

Falling off the CLEAN EATING WAGON, and clambering back on ASAP!!!

This last Thursday, my darling sister and her husband booked Scott and I into Harrison Hot Spring's Hotel for a relaxing night out.  They even babysat the kids for a night.  It was a thank you to Scott for all the help he has been while they are renovating their new house.

I've been really good with my clean eating since January 6th.  No Dairy, Caffeine, Alcohol, Red Meat, Gluten... and been pretty good on all level's. (With the exception of the Coffee... Monday's are definitely a coffee day).

We had a relaxing time in the hot springs, I've never been in the actual springs... funny how you can live 20 minutes from a tourist site, and have never taken the time to literally immerse yourself. They were beautiful, and definitely worth checking out if you are ever in the area.  We had a really great time!

So since we were on a mini-vacay, I thought... i'm going to treat myself!!! OMG BAD IDEA!!

So, that evening I had two Apple Ciders (Gluten free) one before the springs, and one before we went to dinner.  Then we walked to the Black Forest German Restaurant.  We had Sourdough bread, and I had Ham and Cheese Schnitzel, (with Potatoes and veggies) and an Apple Strudel with Ice Cream and Whipped Creme. The food was very, very good!  I didn't take the pic, but thanks to other food picture snapping people, i easily googled a pic of my dish of choice.

As soon as we got back to the room I had an EXTREME stomach ache, and was little to no fun for the rest of the evening. Scott who also has been eating CLEANER due to association, had a similar effect on his stomach. (he had the cheesecake). We were asleep by 9.  We were not visited by any of the local ghost's, this time. ;-)

The next morning, I awoke to the worst "hangover" EVER!  It took two day's to get my system to feel normalized again, that includes brain fog... and irritability (this is only somewhat normal).  I have learned my lesson.  And have officially realized that i NO LONGER wish to eat anything that doesn't feed my body properly.  Lesson learned!

But... oh the bread....

Saturday, 1 March 2014

Month End, Momentum, Magic, and March!

Welcome to March of 2014!!!

What is this month going to be for you??  For me it's going to be EPIC!!! I've got so much to look forward too.  We have amazing outings planned for the family, and I have some fun (aka work) planned for myself as well!

Last night we just had another amazing Magical Month End in our business.  We had another amazing team member make a push for a large pay raise to Area Manager.  Her and her team all came together and made it happen.  I truly know that I am in the right business.  When people work together to make things happen, they don't climb, stab, or undermine each other.  I still have to pinch myself sometimes when I realize that this is what I get to do for a living.  It is SOOO worth the learning curve, the cancelled appointments, the late nights, the hours and hours of coaching calls.  I couldn't imagine anything else.  I am TOTALLY UNEMPLOYABLE! :-)

And on that note...last month I had a new first for me.  I taught my first class at the University of the Fraser Valley. I'm facilitating an amazing group of people working towards a Management Diploma.  The class I'm teaching is Momentum, Delegation and Giving Feedback.  It was a blast, and I'm looking forward to the next 4 day's of class's.  It was a fun hearing other's experiences with their careers, both positive and negatives.  There is always so much to learn in a good story.  I am looking forward to teaching a few classes a year (if they will have me back ;-).  It's always a great experience to push yourself in a direction that you never expected to be in.

Self Care:

I am still behaving(ish) on my clean eating challenge.  It is amazing how when you make something a habit, after a month and a half... it truly becomes second nature. I don't crave the sugar, etc. But I will confess to a coffee as well as a celebratory cider that may have slipped into the schedule yesterday.  My weight continues to drop, slowly but surely.  I also am noticing a decrease in back pain, but I believe that has a lot to do with the activity at the gym.

I am still loving taking the time to Meditate almost daily.  I find it has helped with my focus, and really centered this rather random brain of mine. I read a study once (well I read an article that referenced a study, let's be honest) that Meditation had the same effect on the ADD brain as medication.  And since I won't be taking anything medicine wise, this has been a great alternative that I will be happy to continue.

Going to the Gym took a bit of a hit last week.  My kid's took turns being sick, and I was sidelined after a busy couple of day's of bad hwy driving, event's and teaching... my migraine returned combined with a bit of whatever it was the kids had.  So I missed a week, but am now back with a vengeance... and new goals.

Make a memory, connect with friends, be kind to a stranger.  We are here only for a few heart beats... make each one count!  xo di

Friday, 21 February 2014

Self Care: Kid's, Drugs, Clean Eating, Coffee and Balance... check(ish)

OK, after hounding the doctor's office, we found out what we kind of already new about our little man... ok, so now what?  Choices are drugs that make him sluggish, drugs that make his kidney's MAYBE have an issue, and all so he won't fall and hurt himself during the off chance in the next two years he would have a seizure... oh, and if you forget to give him his med's by even a couple of hours you will have GUARANTEED to give him a seizure.  The good new's is that he will grow out of "this" in the next couple of years.

umm... what??? He hasn't had an issue in almost a month and a half... ugghhh.  I'll take a broken bone over an altered brain thank you very much!  I'm very lucky that Scott and I are on the same page on this.

INSERT STRESS BALL MOMMA COFFEE HERE!!!  Oh and did you know Timmy's is rolling up the RIM?? NO idea how i know that... just don't forget there are TWO sides to the cup this year! 

Missed the Gym, because Little man also has STREP, and how lucky are we to be in a country where you can literally have a doctors appointment every other day and all it cost's you is your time.  We forget that sometimes as Canadians. Now our big girl is sick... off we go to the clinic again.  It's a good thing i don't have a real job! (As my comedian husband would say)!

Last 3 days have been pretty good eating wise... did you know PANAGO has a Gluten free bread.  It's pretty good  (and no one noticed).  My Arbonne fruit bars have been a life line, when I get busy and don't make a shake, they keep me fed... so I don't indulge in a snack that I shouldn't. 

Self Care: Had a massage with the wonderful and talented Shasta Angel.  Worked on my neck which has been an ongoing issue and worked on my shakra's.  Realignment of the odd one that may be out of adjustment just slightly (how else would my shakra's be if not off centre just a bit).  If you would have asked me what those were 6 month's ago... i would have been clueless! Learning lot's every day. 

Meditating: Yep, finding time when the house is quiet, looking forward to getting outside when it isn't quite so how-do-you-say "seasonal". Also found that just before bed is the best time, as things are quietest, and i sleep much better!  I even picked up some incense... it`s official!  It`s only taken me this long Anna!  

Work: yes, I fit that in here as well! This month I've been doing several event's, a couple of parties and many call's strategically scattered throughout my day.  I have an amazing team of leaders, who are so much better at this business than me.  They are off building their empires.  SOOO Proud of you guys!  Going to Kelowna on Sunday... don't tell my mom, she'll have a nervous breakdown.  Let's all cross our finger's that my neighbour Helicopter owner/operator got the avalanche patrol up there to the top of the mountain today to blast away the snow on the Coquihalla so i can go to Kelowna and meet some brides.  (see, the world does revolve around me). ;-)

OK... this is SOOOO GOOD!  It is Spelt Cinnamon Date toast. (from Preserved Seed- Previous post)  It taste's and smell's just like Cinnamon bun's.  And it is GOOD FOR YOU!!! 
This eating clean is getting to be more fun everyday!

oh... and i'm a bit smaller today than i was yesterday... and maybe just a bit taller. 


Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Self Care... Clean Eating Challenge we go.  My second set of our 28 Clean Eating  Challenge.

Quick lookback.  Did 28 day's of clean eating Challenge in January!  LOVED IT!  Lost weight, felt better, so I thought I'd do it again.  But instead of posting on my Facebook personal page every other day about how the day went down, I thought I'd share this on my seriously underutilized Blog.

Today was one of my two day's a week with my personal Trainer in Chilliwack BC, Canada.  Each Tuesday and Thursday my mom and I drive down to Chilliwack for an hour of Cross Training with Belinda Jenkins at Total Body Fitness.  She is AMAZING, and really helps to keep us both on track.  We will have been going down for a year in March.  It has been the best decision I've ever made for my health as well as made some amazing friends because of it! I'll expand on what we do there on a later post.

It's a daily decision to put the right food into your body, and I know that going to they gym is only a part of the plan... so what I eat, especially with the added "focus" of the Clean Eating Challenge has to be carefully planned to keep me on track.

Breakfast was an Arbonne Fruit Protein Bar... and a pomegranate Fizzy tab in boiling water, at the gym I had my fizzy pom tab's and water.  And then it was grocery time....
We have this great little "Colony" run store and restaurant just down the road from my gym.  Everything in the Preserved Seed aligns with our Clean Eating Challenge.  They have a great variety of gluten, dairy, and GMO free products. They also have an interesting story about how they have come to Chilliwack.  It's definitely a group founded on Love, and they share it... through their food and their store

Mom and I decided to grab a  bite, she had Curry Sweet Potato soup, and I had Organic veggies and Tofu on Wild Rice.  AMAZING!  The Spelt bread is SOOO good as well.  Love the YELLOW DELI RESTAURANT! 

We also swung by the regular grocery store, met a really sweet homeless guy who is now munching on a bag of guinoa chip's and a banana.  Once he said he was going to use the change for McDonald's mom would have none of that... clean eating for everyone! :-)   Moment's like that bring things into perspective in a hurry. 

Dinner tonight is going to be prawn's and veggies on something.... really should have thought that thru. 

Thanks for following along on these next 27 day's of clean eating with me!   Let's shrink what we want to shrink, grow what we want to grow, and let go of whatever is holding us back. 

xo di

Monday, 3 February 2014

My 28 Clean Eating Challenge... how it all went! And what is next!

UPDATE: 02/17/2014: 
About to start a second set of our 28 Clean Eating Challenge.  I will be posting my daily(ish) updates on my BUSINESS FB page... or maybe this BLOG, will wait and see.  I have lost a total of 10 pounds since starting this clean eating plan at the beginning of January.  So JUMP IN with us! It's a great ride! It is so worth the extra effort for you and your families health. Healthy Mom, Healthy Family. :-)  xo di

First of all... I want to thank all my friends who had to watch me post at least every other day about how my clean eating challenge was going.  I want you to know that it was a big part of me being being successful during this challenge. I am so grateful for all of you!  Having you ask me at the grocery store, gym, school, etc how things were going, helped to keep me on track and accountable. :-)

For those of you that are haven't been following my post's... here is a quick recap.

I have been on a Clean Eating Challenge for the last 28 days (started Jan 06/14).  Part of eating clean was incorporating the products that I represent, organic fruits, veggies and lean protein.  I ate an Alkaline diet, and cut out dairy, caffeine, and alcohol.  It involved Arbonne shakes, fit chew's, Arbonne protein bars, fizzy tabs, Detox tea, and Arbonne Supplements.  I did this challenge with many of my Arbonne team and clients.  We even had an online support FB Group which was a great resource.  I also continued with my structured Gym schedule of 2 times per week, plus one day a weekend of additional cardio outside.

Some things were difficult.  While I was while going through the challenge, we had a few days of high stress while waiting for some health result's back about my 7 year old son.  It all worked out ok, and I did stay on track during those days, but it was not easy.  I did fall down on the caffeine department, I had approximately 8 coffee's (quickly counteracted with lemon water to re-alkaline the body) during the 28 days.

In 28 Day's...
- Saved $140.00 in Coffee (and additional food items purchased with coffee)
- Saved $150.00 in Alcohol, wine at event's, Cider's at home etc.
- I've lost 7.5 lbs.
- Down 2 pant sizes
- Inches??? Don't know... but definitely down.

How I feel...
- More centered
- More energy
- Sleep better
- More clarity of thought
- Less symptoms than normal of my SAD (Seasonal Affected Disorder)
- Less back pain (due to an old injury)

What I've added since changing diet:
- Meditation, more personal growth, reflection.

Here are a few of the biggest personal wake up calls I had about myself:
- I am a TOTAL emotional Eater, happy/sad/stressed/tired
- I can easily find a reason to treat myself 3 or 4 times per day
- I am an unconscious eater.  I will consume 500 calories and forget that I'd eaten them an hour later
- There is food EVERYWHERE, planning my day and having healthy options on hand when treats present themselves was and will continue to be key.
- I will forget entire meals, and then overeat to overcompensate.

Biggest surprise:
- Family jumping in with me.  Scott and the kids are engaged with this clean eating and have done a great job embracing (mostly) the changes in our food. My husband Scott might even be adjusting his diet as well (he won't openly confess however).
- How after week 2 it became second nature, and more of a habit.


I am not going to change a thing...i'm going to continue eating this way.  I have a new fitness goal for this summer... let's just say that it is TOTALLY outside of my comfort zone.  I am really looking forward to the challenge, and growing myself in a whole new direction both physically and mentally!

A full "selfie"  
This was taken at our second annual team event in Vancouver, the bags behind me are amazing gift's that the Arbonne Angel Foundation and other doners  presented to 25 young women who are battling cancer during our 2nd Annual "Be-You-tiful Pamper Spa Day.