Friday, 20 January 2012

Snow Day, No Way! Working "FROM" the home.

Well, let's just say, I've got nearly nothing accomplished this week.  And by that, I mean... yes I did my daily checklist, team coaching calls, etc... however, somethings changed for me, something huge.  I'm not sure if I can share this with you, but here it goes..... I can't work with my kids home anymore.  I'm as inefficient as a short tailed hunting dog chasing it's tail.  It's really quite ridiculous actually. 

Even 6 months ago, I had a routine... the kids were home, i was efficient.  I've built my kids, and my business side by side.  It's not that I'm getting anything done with them either.  We've just had our 4th snowday + a PRO-D day.  So it's fair to say that we're pretty much ready to leave the house.  We currently have nearly 3 feet of snow in some areas, and it's still blowing around.  And with our long "farm" driveway, it's pretty much constantly blown in. 

Our days have been looking like this... wake up early, check the website, lay down for a MINUTE, hear screaming downstairs, yell (it's a big house) at them to feed the dog and cat, feed the kids, find them entertainment, entertain our house guests, find more projects for the kids... etc.  Oh, did I mention on day One of the SNOW WEEK, that my darling husband GROUNDED my daughter from all electronics/tv.  That funny enough was our best day.

So right now, they are zoned out in a video game, yesterday they had a friend over, the day before their cousin.  So they are entertained for a moment.  But we're just about coming up to that 10:00 part of the day where they decide that they would like to start fighting, so maybe I should find a project for one...

Maybe it's like riding a bike, you just need to take a lap or two around the block to get the hang of it again.  OK productivity, let's ramp you up!!!  I've got a Nation to build. 

To your distractions on this January Day!



Friday, 13 January 2012

Today is our "retreat"... it's really bootcamp, SHHH

Did you ever go to an event, conference, training that changed your life and/or business forever.  That is what this training that I'm at this weekend at Harrison Hot Springs, in British Columbia Canada does for so many every year.  Myself included.

It brings the nuts and bolts, the how, the why all together in one nice, tight, sleep deprived, little package.  And I'm SOOO blessed to have so many of my leaders and team coming to the event this year. 

We're going to go over things that allow each and everyone of them see what the next step is in thier business, in their personal grown etc.  The reason I share this with you, is what can you go to, participate in that will help you to grow your business to the next level.

I really believe in finding a network and connecting with as many like minded people as possible.  Have a look in your local community listings to see if there is a Networking Group that you can connect with, is there a group that needs volunteers that has training that you can connect with. Also remember this sometimes you have to drive 2+ hours to find a network that you'll really connect with.  And if your not finding what your looking for heres the idea of the day... "CREATE IT".  I've done this several times in my business, if I was looking for a solution, I created it. 

I remember one year, there was not a tradeshow venue in my area for Working from Home mom's to share their products, etc.  So a couple of amazing other moms and myself created one... and called it "Mom's gone Wild"... let's just say I should have researched that name a "bit" more.  But we got great turnout.  That particular event allowed me to connect more with amazing ladies in my community.  I found a way to create some great win:wins. 

When you help people get more of the things that they want, your things will always work themselves out.  Always have the other person's best interest in mind, and the rest will all fall into place.

Have an amazing Friday the 13th!  And know, you make your own superstitions, make them all good!

"Everyone who's ever taken a shower has an idea. It's the person who gets out of the shower, dries off and does something about it who makes a difference."
— Nolan BushnellFounder of Atari

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

I'm officially a BUSYness woman

This is just an example of my general awe of how working out of the home mom's do it?   By it, I mean balance all those things that need doing.

Today is kinda a crazy day for me.   Here's the list that i have so far...
  1. Kenton dr. for eye ball zit... i know gross right. 1 hour
  2. Tucker (the dog) getting shots- 1 hour
  3. Lunch Duty at the kids school -11/2 hours
  4. I'm going to SPIN class (this is a new priority, and had to really juggle to get it in) 1 hr
  5. About 20 work emails to send out. 1 hr
  6. A brand new Business Builder Strategy session- 1 hr
  7. A Business Builder Training SKYPE-1 hr
  8. Dinner
  9. House cleaned
  10. Laundry
  11. Prep for Harrision Hot Springs Team Retreat this weekend.
  12. Do my blog 2 minutes (sorry ;-)
So that is my day as of now, I'm pumped.  Now I didn't mention, that this little day has 3 wardrobe changes and at least one shower.  No wonder we're always tired.

Have the best day!  And here's hoping that you find a moment or three of balance in there somewhere!  See you at SPIN!! 


Saturday, 7 January 2012

Night Owl 101

My Darling, "WAKE UP"

Being a Night Owl... was I always this way? I don't really remember.

I know I've always detested getting up early. I can remember college launching out of bed at 7:58am to make an 8:00 class. When I was in grade school, i also remember being really good at bribing my sister in the morning to do the chores, so I could sleep later, but I don't really remember staying up late...

Oh wait, it's coming back now. Sneaking downstairs and watching Arsenio Hall until the wee hours. Using up all the "emergency flashlights" to read in my room (we lived on a farm, so they were often needed, it was truly as mystery as to why they didn't work). And I was not even slightly sleepy until well past 1 am.

Well as an adult, it adjusted a bit when I was working full time pre-kids. Once the kid's came, I seemed to fall into old habits once again. And with my business now, I can get allot done in the peace and quiet of the peace and quiet. (yep, I meant to do that).

I find I get the "me" time I crave. I also enjoy spending the majority of it working with my team (as I seem to have attracted other owls to my business as well).

But when I look at my mornings, I start to wonder if it's the only way?  I'm tired, I’m grumpy, forgetful, puffy, snappy... and not at all on top of my "mommy" game. I make an effort, as this often is their last exposure of mommy until they are home from school in the afternoon.  I try to not be too horrible... but I’m not always successful. 

So my "new" New Year’s Resolution is to go to bed earlier... so night! (It’s only 12:22am, so not so bad).


Filling your cup.

This is a training I've done for my amazing team a time or two. I'll condense for ease of read, I hope you find some piece of it that you can relate to, and find ways to "fill your cups".

I'm a visual learner, and when I started my Network Marketing Business 5 and a half years ago, there was a lot of talk about "your cup", and keeping it full. I have no idea where this idea first came from, or from what amazing series of books or recordings... so if one of you knows, please feel free to let me know, I’d love to give a proper reference to it. I just know that it resonated deeply with me, and that's how I managed my "Emotional Business" from that time forward.

When it comes to your business I believe we have 4 "belief cups" that we need to keep full. They are your belief in your Products, your Company, Yourself and your Industry. When one of those important cups begins to run low, your overall belief in your business endeavour wavers. It's important to early on recognize which of these cups are running low, and find a way to fill them.

Early on in my business, my cups looked like this:

Products: My belief was rock solid, my cup was overflowing here... it had changed my son's skin and his future... so this cup overflowed often to some of the other cups that were a bit less full.

Company: I had no history or knowledge of the company that I represent when I started, so I had to learn. So I read, attended conferences, and immersed myself in (CD trainings) until I knew more about the people that were leading corporately. But my Product cup overflowed into this one early on, as I believed that a company that could make such an amazing product was worth following!

My Self: My husband was unsupportive of my business, but not unsupportive of me (I’ll give details in the future). I found I had to constantly refill my belief cup in myself, so on my journey I leaned heavily on my up line and my mom (I know, I'm very lucky) to fill that cup. I went to the monthly meetings (every month) so I could see different people having success, and worked hard at becoming the best I could be at what it was I had started. Whether it was follow up, or follow through... I was going to do my best at it.

My Industry: I filled my cup by reading industry information through the Canadian DSA (Direct Sellers Association), as well as industry magazines, etc. I didn't go online much, because I found what was mostly there (and pooped up to the top)...yes I said poop, was people who had not had success. And if their attitude was any indication, it was never a mystery to me as of why.

I learned how to listen to myself, and when I started to have some doubt creep in, I would dig deep and see which cup was running low. And then fill it.

Find a way to fill your cup, and never look back. Your future is yours.

Enjoy your coffee!


Thursday, 5 January 2012

Your Business is FOR your Family.

When you have a passion for your business, it's really important to bring your children along for the ride. (I know cute huh, my little girl and my old mare.)

Share with your children and your partner what it is your doing, and share with them your "why". Why it is your working this hard and what you’re doing it for. Also take any opportunity you can to have them participate. Putting stickers on catalogues, loading the car, wrapping raffle prizes are all things that children love to do and they will love feeling helpful. Let them participate. Let them know that you’re doing this for them. Also let them know of a goal, one that you can reach together. It may be the ice cream parlour after a successful month end, or a tropical holiday with points earned due to success activity.

Every relationship is different. I’ll share with you some of my experience as It may help you with your home front situation. Always share with your partner all of the positives. Also, remember your partner is not getting their cup filled with the monthly meeting, conferences, recordings, etc. They just know things have changed at home, and they may not yet get the bigger picture. In my relationship I believe in NOT sharing every bump in the road with my partner. He used to want to protect me from what was hard, and didn’t always see what I saw. If you do share the bump’s, I have found It often adds to your stress, so keep it light, truthful and positive. My husband came to several meetings, usually about once a quarter. It allowed him to see the bigger picture, and it helped to take some of the pressure off of me. Once the income started coming in consistently, his belief cup was full, and he no longer attended. ;-)

Whichever it is, they will feel that sense of pride in you and in their part of it when you all succeed as a family.

To your family's success!

Baby Laughing Hysterically at Ripping Job Rejection Letter

That baby has the right idea!

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

My thoughts on YOUR MLM budget

I'm going to share something with you that I strongly believe in. It's the "B" word.

I hear people talking about either their current or past experience with a Home Based Business, whether MLM or not and how they are not making any money. They often say they spent more than they earned, and they didn't see the result's they were "waiting" for.

I'm getting my soap box... hold on a minute. (Just finished SPIN Class... so it was a bit of a step)

OK.... Here we go.

Work your business like you've invested $250,000 of your child's diaper Money. Always keep your eye on the bottom line. If you want your business to pay you in six figures, you've got to watch your bottom line, and treat it like the corporation you’re creating. Companies don't grow when they don't create Budgets. They have a business plan and they follow it. Do you have a business plan? Do you know what you’re spending on promotion gifts, advertising, fuel, office supplies? Do you know what you should be? Your budget numbers have to be your own. Find a percentage breakdown that your comfortable with, and run with that. Every business is different, but every successful business has a budget.

My Expense Monthly GOAL:
Biz Expense/Life Expense/Asset Development/Play
(note: I said GOAL)

Asset Development: The creation of diversification in your financial portfolio, Real Estate/Stocks/Etc.

In my MLM Success line, we do a DEMO line. It provides a new consultant with all that they will need in the starting up months of their business (essentially get's them tools to share). I believe the key is to leverage that purchase to get it working for you ASAP. It needs to earn its keep. Look at it as an employee. If it's napping in the trunk of your car, you need to give it a kick into gear (and by "it" I mean you), and share it with someone. Get something in front of someone. Don't wait for clients to start knocking on your door, the phone to ring, your online traffic to start flooding in. It's not going to happen unless you’re working it like it's your only plan.

The work you do today you will not see the FULL momentum from it for 3 months. You have to stay focused through that time, and work all your "employee's" (and by employees I mean the resources you've acquired to build your business , not your downline) like they've got to feed your family. When you do that, your business will work.

Get to know your companies success plan as soon as possible, know the bonuses, the incentives, your success lines challenges. There is always money left on the table for the earning. Love your team where they are, cherish your clients and be excited. This will help to create a sustainable business that will duplicate.

By the way the "B" word was Budget, or Business Plan... let's go with them both. ;-)

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Create Capacity... AKA: GETTING HELP!!!!

This is going to be a quick note on asking for what YOU need. I'm going to give you super quick background on me.

I'm not a details person. I don't do well with dates, times, and punctuation (sorry). I also don't see clutter, and like most people work poorly in it. My husband is on the opposite end and is an extreme details person. He cannot stand clutter, and his mood is reflected by the state of our home.

Solution: Have an organized life.
Problem: No time, two kids, two business, farm, dog, cat, life, aversion to cleaning.

Now I've mentioned this before somewhere, I’m a problem solver. And I met my dear friend Mrs. B. at one of my local Home Parties I was working as a consultant. I asked the group of people there if they knew of anyone that could help me get closer to my solution. She offered to help get me organized, as her attention to detail was close to that of my husbands.

Poof, problem solved. She assists me a couple of hours a couple days a week to get on top of those things that I don't see. I work 10 times more efficiently at my work, and my household runs way more efficiently as her children are in the same school, so we have similar schedules and can essentially be in two places at once and make each of our lives more efficient. She also has a whole different circle of friends which extends our circle of influence twice as wide. This allows us to get any kind of project done more efficiently. Oh, and the very best part is she's become one of my very closest friends.

What is holding you back? How can you create capacity in your life?

Find an issue that is holding you back? And don't be afraid to ask for help from peers with a brainstorming session. It could be babysitting sharing, house sitting, dog sitting, skill set swapping or hiring an assistant. There a million solutions to any one problem. You've just got to find the very best one for you and your family.

This just may be the flash of inspiration and FREEDOM that allows you to run with your business, and take it to its next level.

To Your Success!


Your 2012 VISION Board

A vision board is an exercise that I utilize constantly. Below is my very first one. I kept it in my Business product cabinet where I would see it several times a day. I'm currently working on my second one, using my desk protector and it currently sits under my computer. This is a great way to keep your online energy focused in the direction that you want it to go.

The board above drove my vision of time with family, relationships with friends, reacquiring an acreage, an amazing team, a great pay check, a dog, my Mercedes, and a few other little things thrown in to make it all balance. I'm blown away of how it all came true in 5 years.

Be aware of what you put down on the board will manifest itself in amazing and often totally unexpected ways. Put things on your board that motivate, inspire and drive you. 

What is the Universe yelling at you?


Monday, 2 January 2012

Entrepreneurs can change the world - Grasshopper

So many people start a home based business looking for balance. But what i've learned is that everyone has a different definition. We must always remember the balance will come after a period of imbalance. The same is true for any entrepreneur. When your building a new business, especially from home be prepared for some dish and laundrey piles. It's so worth it.



Sunday, 1 January 2012

Happy New Year!

I really should be bringing in the New Year cleaning my kitchen after sticky pancakes with the monkeys. But, dishes can wait a bit right???

I'm so excited about the new year! And i'm not usually one that makes New Years Resolutions, however. I figured if i made a decalaration of them. They would have an 80% better chance of transpiring. (this has worked in all other aspects of my life, let's give it a kick here).

1) I'm going to go to the gym and/or exercise 3-4 times per week.
2) I'm going to eat more healthy, and make Organic and Greens my favourite food words.
3) I'm going to capture more of my family moments on film, and on camera... and i'm going to do something with them.
4) I'm going to move my horse home to my field. (ps. thanks mom for all the babying he's recieved these last years)
5) I'm going to take my vitamins EVERY day.
6) I'm going to work harder at communicating with my hubby in his love language (Book: Five Love Languages... best relationship book EVER!)

Now i'm a planner... and i've got a plan already in my mind about how those things above are going to play out! A Resolution is just a wish unless you have a plan.

Happy New Years!!!