Saturday, 31 December 2011

Get Better first... normal life is coming quick.

It's always amazing how rejuvinating this season can be if you let it be.

Last night I did about an hour and a half of follow up calls with clients and new prospects, and there was a constant theme to the conversation... over half of them were sick with something, flu, colds, and worse. Why is it we let ourselves get run down to the point we do. Or is it, this is one of the few times a year that as a mom we can get sick, because she has help at home during the day to relieve her. Is it maybe that our bodies hold out all year to blast us into our beds for new years.

We've avoided sickness around here this year, we paid our dues largely last year (L-Girl had a strep for 3 months off and on until tonsils were taken out.) But i am ensuring that we're eating our prevention "Get Well Soon" immunity booster supplements. They make a huge difference.

Take care tonight, drive safely. And please cab it home.

Biggest hugs to 2011!



Friday, 30 December 2011

New Years, New You, New Business???

December is always a big month for people launching their new home based business's. The reasons for that are many.

1) The amazing tax writeoff's. There are a significant amount of amazing tax writeoff's for new business owners. And trust me, it's not scary. Just know to keep ALL of your receipts. And your upline/tax accountant can help you in the new year. But it's a great way to help balance the books... and i would love to say more but the tax man might be watching ;-)

2) The posibilities of what is possible is never greater than at this time of year. It's important that you find a business and a leader that is able to lead you through your start months and beyond. Hitch yourself to a workhorse, not a racehorse. Someone who get's the long term vision of what your opportunity could be for you and your family. And stay the course.

3) The Health and Wellness insanity in January and February... I know, i partake in it on both sides. So you may as well prepare the sails for the momentum that will happen with or without you.

Thursday, 29 December 2011

Being your own boss... the truth.

I'm going to chat about what kind of boss you have to be to yourself to be successful. There is a saying that I hear allot in my world, "The blessing is that you are your own boss, the curse is... that you are your own boss". And I totally agree. The truth is you have be the hardest possible boss you can imagine on yourself. Or you may as well go and work for someone else. Starting a new company, whether it's retail, MLM, or otherwise... there is only one person that can get you up out of bed and get you going. There is only one person that can make those phone calls. There is only you. And if you’re not "on top" of your own performance, you cannot blame the failure of your endeavour on the company that you chose, or your idea... just on your lack of execution. Remember, a single public recognition of success comes from thousands of tiny private victories. You can't skip the tiny steps. To your success! cheers di

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Guilty Much??

I was really surprised when i listened to a CBC Radio show Q several months ago that elaborated on women in the work force and the immense push/pull of guilt that we all graple with. And it also talked about the "glass ceiling". Have a listen. It's worth every second. I'd love to hear your comments on it. / Cheers! di

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Positively Postive that i'm Positive... I think.

How many of us carry on our online conversation to the home. Would our spouses and children read our post's, our words of affirmation, and be shocked that it's the same grumpy monster throwing supper together? Here's the truth... I believe that we are often hardest on those close to us. That we're not all always angels, and i surely include myself with that group. I work at not having to high of expectations for my kids and my husband, but sometimes I do. And i try really hard not to always say no... but i normally do. Why say no. Because it's easier than yes. No, is done. Poof. And yes means more cleanup, more driving, more everything. And do we really need more? Do we... really? Probably... Now let's talk about Guilt. Guilt, always has been, always will be. Regardless if your home, at work or both. You will find something as a female to be guilty of. I often think of it this way... "I could feel even more guilty if this... were my life". "There's never a perfectly clear path to balance... it's a tightwalk line with responsiblities yanking back and forth at either end." ~Diana Gilbert Yes. I just quoted myself. Sometimes you just gotta. ;-) Enjoy walking your line today. xo di

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Make your today better than your yesterday.

"Small kindnesses, small courtesies, small considerations, habitually practiced in our social intercourse, give a greater charm to the character than the display of great talents and accomplishments." ~ MaryAnn Kelty.

I love this quote... it's true. If you've met me, you know i've no great talents. ;-)


Thanks for sharing.

I realize that in the infanthood of my blog, most all readers will be beloved friends and family. Thanks for stopping by. I'm going to be sharing some great links and things that will help people grow through thier growth. So I truly appreciate all of you for sharing me with your friends. I won't forget it. You'll always be my number 1's!


The how...

I get this question from my team and my clients... "How do you make it all work?" I want to share my top 10 tips on my "HOW". And i'll elaborate on these more in the future.

1) Let go of the details... focus on what matters. (FYI dishes don't)
2) Create capacity... (be ok about asking for help, even hiring it if you can, or trading services).
3) Empower your kids. Share goals with them, let them become your cheerleaders, so they know what the "family" business is.
4) Protect your energy. Don't share what you wouldn't want to hear about.
5) When you meet someone, shake their hand and think..."how can i help you"
6) Let go of what's not working you towards your dreams, is it TV, a certain friend relationship?
7) Schedule... if you don't, it won't.
8) Don't watch the news.
9) Learn all you can about your business, company etc.
10) Work on yourself everyday.

These are things that i tend to play over and over in my thick skull... i'm not always great at all of them, but i'm working on it.


This is not about me... it's about what your choices could be.

My vision for this blog is not "tell", but to share. And i'm so looking forward to this being a two way converstation with all of you.

Why? That's a great question. And the same answer is true for everyone. "BECAUSE"... the part that comes after that is different for all of us. My "..." was i wasn't willing to let go of my dreams because of my financial reality. I wanted to make it happen. I wanted to do it all. I wanted to be at home, be a mom, wife, and be a business woman. I also wanted to be fit, healthy and brilliant. Fit and brilliant are a work in progress;-)

How did it start???

Best way to overview it is to share my story... i'll break it down it bitesized pieces as we go. 


This is a conversation...

In my journey since Elementary School through High School, College, University...and then corporate career...mommyhood, and then mompreneurhood, i've always done my very best to share and help as many others as possible with whatever they may searching for... i've also learned that the best way to help is to share stories of past successes and failures... and let the individual find the solution for themselves.  This however sometimes is a challenge for me, as i'm not only not a great story teller.... i'm more of a fixit kindof girl.  And I love nothing more than troubleshooting.   

So my journey after children started as such.... at home with two amazing babies, brain is bored, husband is busy... and we need money.  STAT.  That was five years ago.  And i'm going to love sharing with you past and present stories of what it takes to "live the life YOU designed", instead of one that's fallen on you.