Wednesday, 6 January 2016

My facebook Feed is Bipolar - Day 3 #30dayswithdi

I knew it!  It was YOU wasn't it... you know your friends are trying to be healthy this month, and eat clean with quinoi (sp??) and salad and shit, so you just HAD to go and post that video with the sour dough bread cut in squares with the cheese and the butter and the baking and then you follow it up with The ICE CREME BITES video... your welcome. :-)!!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME!  :-)

Half my profile is running on clean eating, cooking and exercise, and the other is running a flatout undermining campaign.  It's really entertaining actually.  It's like the major retailers know that many people fall off the wagon about week one of their plan... And they want the first thing you think about when you throw in the towel is their decedent bread bowl.

Because of YOU I had a Large English toffee half decaf (not really, i just wanted it).

Day 3: Clean eating: Gluten free toast, above stated coffee (and maybe a half pot more), lunch was a protein bar, a couple of Gluten Free pumpkin nut crackers for snacks, Chicken, basil and tomatoes for supper. Tea right now... and I have not started the 7 day cleanse yet. Tomorrow. But I am down 2 pounds so far.  xodi

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