Monday, 10 March 2014

Falling off the CLEAN EATING WAGON, and clambering back on ASAP!!!

This last Thursday, my darling sister and her husband booked Scott and I into Harrison Hot Spring's Hotel for a relaxing night out.  They even babysat the kids for a night.  It was a thank you to Scott for all the help he has been while they are renovating their new house.

I've been really good with my clean eating since January 6th.  No Dairy, Caffeine, Alcohol, Red Meat, Gluten... and been pretty good on all level's. (With the exception of the Coffee... Monday's are definitely a coffee day).

We had a relaxing time in the hot springs, I've never been in the actual springs... funny how you can live 20 minutes from a tourist site, and have never taken the time to literally immerse yourself. They were beautiful, and definitely worth checking out if you are ever in the area.  We had a really great time!

So since we were on a mini-vacay, I thought... i'm going to treat myself!!! OMG BAD IDEA!!

So, that evening I had two Apple Ciders (Gluten free) one before the springs, and one before we went to dinner.  Then we walked to the Black Forest German Restaurant.  We had Sourdough bread, and I had Ham and Cheese Schnitzel, (with Potatoes and veggies) and an Apple Strudel with Ice Cream and Whipped Creme. The food was very, very good!  I didn't take the pic, but thanks to other food picture snapping people, i easily googled a pic of my dish of choice.

As soon as we got back to the room I had an EXTREME stomach ache, and was little to no fun for the rest of the evening. Scott who also has been eating CLEANER due to association, had a similar effect on his stomach. (he had the cheesecake). We were asleep by 9.  We were not visited by any of the local ghost's, this time. ;-)

The next morning, I awoke to the worst "hangover" EVER!  It took two day's to get my system to feel normalized again, that includes brain fog... and irritability (this is only somewhat normal).  I have learned my lesson.  And have officially realized that i NO LONGER wish to eat anything that doesn't feed my body properly.  Lesson learned!

But... oh the bread....