Friday, 21 February 2014

Self Care: Kid's, Drugs, Clean Eating, Coffee and Balance... check(ish)

OK, after hounding the doctor's office, we found out what we kind of already new about our little man... ok, so now what?  Choices are drugs that make him sluggish, drugs that make his kidney's MAYBE have an issue, and all so he won't fall and hurt himself during the off chance in the next two years he would have a seizure... oh, and if you forget to give him his med's by even a couple of hours you will have GUARANTEED to give him a seizure.  The good new's is that he will grow out of "this" in the next couple of years.

umm... what??? He hasn't had an issue in almost a month and a half... ugghhh.  I'll take a broken bone over an altered brain thank you very much!  I'm very lucky that Scott and I are on the same page on this.

INSERT STRESS BALL MOMMA COFFEE HERE!!!  Oh and did you know Timmy's is rolling up the RIM?? NO idea how i know that... just don't forget there are TWO sides to the cup this year! 

Missed the Gym, because Little man also has STREP, and how lucky are we to be in a country where you can literally have a doctors appointment every other day and all it cost's you is your time.  We forget that sometimes as Canadians. Now our big girl is sick... off we go to the clinic again.  It's a good thing i don't have a real job! (As my comedian husband would say)!

Last 3 days have been pretty good eating wise... did you know PANAGO has a Gluten free bread.  It's pretty good  (and no one noticed).  My Arbonne fruit bars have been a life line, when I get busy and don't make a shake, they keep me fed... so I don't indulge in a snack that I shouldn't. 

Self Care: Had a massage with the wonderful and talented Shasta Angel.  Worked on my neck which has been an ongoing issue and worked on my shakra's.  Realignment of the odd one that may be out of adjustment just slightly (how else would my shakra's be if not off centre just a bit).  If you would have asked me what those were 6 month's ago... i would have been clueless! Learning lot's every day. 

Meditating: Yep, finding time when the house is quiet, looking forward to getting outside when it isn't quite so how-do-you-say "seasonal". Also found that just before bed is the best time, as things are quietest, and i sleep much better!  I even picked up some incense... it`s official!  It`s only taken me this long Anna!  

Work: yes, I fit that in here as well! This month I've been doing several event's, a couple of parties and many call's strategically scattered throughout my day.  I have an amazing team of leaders, who are so much better at this business than me.  They are off building their empires.  SOOO Proud of you guys!  Going to Kelowna on Sunday... don't tell my mom, she'll have a nervous breakdown.  Let's all cross our finger's that my neighbour Helicopter owner/operator got the avalanche patrol up there to the top of the mountain today to blast away the snow on the Coquihalla so i can go to Kelowna and meet some brides.  (see, the world does revolve around me). ;-)

OK... this is SOOOO GOOD!  It is Spelt Cinnamon Date toast. (from Preserved Seed- Previous post)  It taste's and smell's just like Cinnamon bun's.  And it is GOOD FOR YOU!!! 
This eating clean is getting to be more fun everyday!

oh... and i'm a bit smaller today than i was yesterday... and maybe just a bit taller.