Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Self Care... Clean Eating Challenge

Ok...here we go.  My second set of our 28 Clean Eating  Challenge.

Quick lookback.  Did 28 day's of clean eating Challenge in January!  LOVED IT!  Lost weight, felt better, so I thought I'd do it again.  But instead of posting on my Facebook personal page every other day about how the day went down, I thought I'd share this on my seriously underutilized Blog.

Today was one of my two day's a week with my personal Trainer in Chilliwack BC, Canada.  Each Tuesday and Thursday my mom and I drive down to Chilliwack for an hour of Cross Training with Belinda Jenkins at Total Body Fitness.  She is AMAZING, and really helps to keep us both on track.  We will have been going down for a year in March.  It has been the best decision I've ever made for my health as well as made some amazing friends because of it! I'll expand on what we do there on a later post.

It's a daily decision to put the right food into your body, and I know that going to they gym is only a part of the plan... so what I eat, especially with the added "focus" of the Clean Eating Challenge has to be carefully planned to keep me on track.

Breakfast was an Arbonne Fruit Protein Bar... and a pomegranate Fizzy tab in boiling water, at the gym I had my fizzy pom tab's and water.  And then it was grocery time....
We have this great little "Colony" run store and restaurant just down the road from my gym.  Everything in the Preserved Seed aligns with our Clean Eating Challenge.  They have a great variety of gluten, dairy, and GMO free products. They also have an interesting story about how they have come to Chilliwack.  It's definitely a group founded on Love, and they share it... through their food and their store

Mom and I decided to grab a  bite, she had Curry Sweet Potato soup, and I had Organic veggies and Tofu on Wild Rice.  AMAZING!  The Spelt bread is SOOO good as well.  Love the YELLOW DELI RESTAURANT! 

We also swung by the regular grocery store, met a really sweet homeless guy who is now munching on a bag of guinoa chip's and a banana.  Once he said he was going to use the change for McDonald's mom would have none of that... clean eating for everyone! :-)   Moment's like that bring things into perspective in a hurry. 

Dinner tonight is going to be prawn's and veggies on something.... really should have thought that thru. 

Thanks for following along on these next 27 day's of clean eating with me!   Let's shrink what we want to shrink, grow what we want to grow, and let go of whatever is holding us back. 

xo di