Monday, 3 February 2014

My 28 Clean Eating Challenge... how it all went! And what is next!

UPDATE: 02/17/2014: 
About to start a second set of our 28 Clean Eating Challenge.  I will be posting my daily(ish) updates on my BUSINESS FB page... or maybe this BLOG, will wait and see.  I have lost a total of 10 pounds since starting this clean eating plan at the beginning of January.  So JUMP IN with us! It's a great ride! It is so worth the extra effort for you and your families health. Healthy Mom, Healthy Family. :-)  xo di

First of all... I want to thank all my friends who had to watch me post at least every other day about how my clean eating challenge was going.  I want you to know that it was a big part of me being being successful during this challenge. I am so grateful for all of you!  Having you ask me at the grocery store, gym, school, etc how things were going, helped to keep me on track and accountable. :-)

For those of you that are haven't been following my post's... here is a quick recap.

I have been on a Clean Eating Challenge for the last 28 days (started Jan 06/14).  Part of eating clean was incorporating the products that I represent, organic fruits, veggies and lean protein.  I ate an Alkaline diet, and cut out dairy, caffeine, and alcohol.  It involved Arbonne shakes, fit chew's, Arbonne protein bars, fizzy tabs, Detox tea, and Arbonne Supplements.  I did this challenge with many of my Arbonne team and clients.  We even had an online support FB Group which was a great resource.  I also continued with my structured Gym schedule of 2 times per week, plus one day a weekend of additional cardio outside.

Some things were difficult.  While I was while going through the challenge, we had a few days of high stress while waiting for some health result's back about my 7 year old son.  It all worked out ok, and I did stay on track during those days, but it was not easy.  I did fall down on the caffeine department, I had approximately 8 coffee's (quickly counteracted with lemon water to re-alkaline the body) during the 28 days.

In 28 Day's...
- Saved $140.00 in Coffee (and additional food items purchased with coffee)
- Saved $150.00 in Alcohol, wine at event's, Cider's at home etc.
- I've lost 7.5 lbs.
- Down 2 pant sizes
- Inches??? Don't know... but definitely down.

How I feel...
- More centered
- More energy
- Sleep better
- More clarity of thought
- Less symptoms than normal of my SAD (Seasonal Affected Disorder)
- Less back pain (due to an old injury)

What I've added since changing diet:
- Meditation, more personal growth, reflection.

Here are a few of the biggest personal wake up calls I had about myself:
- I am a TOTAL emotional Eater, happy/sad/stressed/tired
- I can easily find a reason to treat myself 3 or 4 times per day
- I am an unconscious eater.  I will consume 500 calories and forget that I'd eaten them an hour later
- There is food EVERYWHERE, planning my day and having healthy options on hand when treats present themselves was and will continue to be key.
- I will forget entire meals, and then overeat to overcompensate.

Biggest surprise:
- Family jumping in with me.  Scott and the kids are engaged with this clean eating and have done a great job embracing (mostly) the changes in our food. My husband Scott might even be adjusting his diet as well (he won't openly confess however).
- How after week 2 it became second nature, and more of a habit.


I am not going to change a thing...i'm going to continue eating this way.  I have a new fitness goal for this summer... let's just say that it is TOTALLY outside of my comfort zone.  I am really looking forward to the challenge, and growing myself in a whole new direction both physically and mentally!

A full "selfie"  
This was taken at our second annual team event in Vancouver, the bags behind me are amazing gift's that the Arbonne Angel Foundation and other doners  presented to 25 young women who are battling cancer during our 2nd Annual "Be-You-tiful Pamper Spa Day.