Monday, 6 August 2012

The unsupportive Husband / Partner in your Home Based Business

I want to start this off with saying one thing.  My husband is an amazing, hardworking, father and partner.  And is one of my biggest supporters.  NOW.

How did we get where we are now from where we were... stubbornness, scheduling, hard work, technique, strategy, and give and take. 

My husband was supportive at the onset of my business, but when things didn't happen as fast as he thought they should... he started getting frustrated and withheld his support.  I know now that I didn't deal well with that, and my stubbornness kicked in.  He would now say that he wasn't supportive to make me push that much harder (and he's got a point)... but it didn't make my first two years in my business easy.  But I truly wouldn't change a thing, as I've been able to help others find more harmony with their significant other while building their business.

Some learned tips that worked for us.... (I will elaborate on all these points at a later date... but wanted you some tips to start you on what was our right path)

  1. Have a updated family/work schedule on the fridge.
  2. If he's unsure if he'll be home so you can leave for an appointment... have a plan 'b', 'c', 'd', 'e' and 'f'.
  3. Have a separate Credit Card/Bank Account for your business... keeps it simple for taxes, etc.
  4. Create a budget with your partner, and then implement it.
  5. When you have a party postpone... dress up and go anyway, park around the corner... do your calls... book another party, MAKE it happen.  Don't ever consider it a night off. 
  6. Keep your business to yourself.  If your excited about something, share it with your team, If your down, share it with your upline/sponsor.  Share your $ with your partner to help you towards your goals.  (note: this works for us... I'm not suggesting that for everyone)
  7. They don't see what you see... bring them to an event.  It's not fair for them to not see what you see and then have you expect them to just "get it".  Fill in the blanks by having them attend a car presentation, and event, etc.  It will help relieve some of the pressure, trust me!
  8. Schedule non negotiable family time, and honour it.
  9. Expect push back.  So remember to share your vision, and if your working hard (and he sees that...) he'll be cheering you the loudest at the finish line!
  10. Have him talk to your upline Manager if he's got questions on compensation, bonus's, etc... typically it's important for them to understatnd how the $ flow's. Especially if you yourself don't quite understand it yet.
I'll be elaborating on these points and more on this topic at a later date...stay tuned!