Wednesday, 29 August 2012

How Can I Work From Home?

 I wanted to share with you some of the many questions that I get from people that are working a regular 9-5 (or longer) shift, and are curious about what the benefits are for my kind of business (which is MLM=MultiLevel Marketing, Direct Sales).  I'd be more than happy to share.  Some of the questions/comments I often hear are as follows...
1) I wouldn't know where to start!
2) The whole book keeping, CPP, Income tax... makes me nervous.
3) It works for you, but it couldn't work for me.
4) It must be nice to have your own schedule... I need to have someone tell me what to do.
5) How do you organize your day?
6) I don't know where I would find the time.
7) Do you have to have a big overhead?
8) Do you travel alot?
9) Are there benefit's (dental, medical, etc)
10) I don't like to sell.
11) I wouldn't want my friends and family to feel obligated.
12) How do you make $ at this?
13) What made you decide to do this?
The first statement: I wouldn't Know where to start.
When we all start down the path of self employment, it's all new for most of us.  Having someone that can lead you through those first steps is imperative.  Find a mentor, whether it's an upline in the sense of an MLM network (hint: be coached by the one that's making the $ you want to make).  Listen to them, but don't forget to listen to your own instincts as well.  This is your business, and It's a ticket to live the life you are now designing for yourself.  But be careful not to reinvent the what works, and keep your eyes on your monthly/weekly/daily goals and to do list's.
The 2nd Statement: The whole bookkeeping....
The good news on this, is that there are so many tools and resources to help. If you are creating a business from scratch... it's a bit more complicated, but very much worth it.  In my business, it's significantly more straight forward as we have very little/no inventory on hand (with the exception of our demo line), and it just comes down to keeping all of your receipts and ensuring your maximising on what you can right off come your Personal Income Tax reporting time.  Your upline. will help to show you which forms you use, and how to organise your receipts at tax time.  Remember to keep ALL of your receipts.  Having an idea where your annual cost's are, will help you to increase your income and focus on the areas that make you the most return year after year.
The 3rd Statement: It works for you, but it would NEVER work for me!
I've learned over the years that someone has to be really, really, really excited, focused, and be willing to do whatever it takes to get any kind of new business off of the ground.  People often say this sentence wanting me to explain to them how it will work for them.  But I've learned, that if they are starting with this as they're first thought... the second things get difficult (and they will), they will default to "I told you so", instead of powering their business through to the next level of success.  So I usually just smile and say.  You're probably right.  :-) And in time, if they get excited then I'll be right there, cheering them on.
The 4th Statement: It must be nice to have your own schedule... I need to have someone tell me what to do.
This is similar to the statement above, in the sense that an entrepreneurial individual has a hard time being constantly told what to do, and longs to be in control of their destiny.  Some personality types are more comfortable with having a supervisor, and that's OK. There are many of those individuals that do MLM as well, they learn to self motivate, and create structure around their work day.  Every person out there brings something forward that's valuable to a business.  The main thing is to surround yourself with those that are better where you are weak to create a successful business.
The 5th Question:  How do you organise your day?
This is varied for each person, but I would love to share with you what my workweek day's typically look like:  8-10, house/kids/exercise, etc
10-12: Logistics (email, event prep, etc)
12-1: Connecting with friends (fb/phone, etc)
1-3: Coaching calls with team
I am then done when the kids get off the bus, unless I have an event that evening (on average 2 nights/week), and then I'll be leaving at approx. 5:30, back??? Depending on where it is. 
Often, if I have a new Business Team member, we often do coaching calls in the evening after the kids are in bed.
My commute is short, just down the stairs, and around the corner, My overhead is simply my home (which factors into your write off's), and your network is available all online through SKYPE/Social Media... you can have an international business from your own home.
Stay tuned for my thoughts on the other 8 comments/questions I often hear!