Saturday, 12 May 2012

Finding AMAZING people for your business..


Often I'm asked what to look for in a prospect. I love trends, and watching how such a wide variety of personalities have such a wide variety of success in our business.

When I was in my first 2 years, I had a couch conversation with our Retired President in one of our Top Income Leaders  room. She mentioned something that I'll always remember... she said, "I've never been able to track or figure out who's going to be successful, and who's going to be challenged, but I have found that the sooner someone has started working one or more jobs (14 or sooner), the better chance of success."
I have found this to be very much true! Some other factors that I have found that I keep an eye out for are, and these people are at the TOP of my prospect list:
1) Balanced Life, Balanced Business
2) Entrepreneur Family (Parents had own Business, etc.), they already understand what it takes to be successful in business.
3) Already had success in their life. (career, sports, personal)
4) already have their own business is always an added bonus!
5) ALSO: if they are a woman, it helps if they have worked in a Male dominated career, and if they are a man... a woman dominated career. 

These people are SOOO worth the wait.  Drip, invite, be excited and be sure to not overly push... you push (aka BARFING) on them... they will run for the hills.  Love them where they are, create success, mingle with people who you want in your world, your business, and people will watch you.  Know that these people also do not always jump in IMMEDIATELY... they may take years to  bring into your business.  But if your working with, and inspiring many people, your calendar will be full, your momentum strong... and you will become that more attractive to those that you want in your business.

To your success!